Advantages of Android over iOS

Advantages of Android: Mobile phones have been a basic necessity for everyone all around the world since the modern internet world took over human development. Mobile has been used for various uses and is indeed a great source of entertainment and information retaining. There have been approximately 6.8 mobile phones being used every day all around the world. Through various software and systems, we have various functions that can solve our day-to-day problems as well as help us in solving bigger issues with the connectivity over the internet.

Mobile phones as of today are primarily used to communicate and bring people closer, but have you ever imagined how these mobile phones work? and what kind of software and components are involved in it? Mobile phones generally have operating systems that support various functionalities and causes that help make our lives more convenient and efficient. Largely two types of operating systems are used: Android and iOS. In this article, we will be discussing Android and the various advantages it has to offer against iOS.

What is Android?

Android is an operating system that was designed and based on a modified version of a Linux kernel. It is used for various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and different other supporting devices. Android 1.0 was released as early as September of the year 2008 and since then has been used for a lot of purposes. It provides numerous amounts of functions including but not limited to beautiful UI designs, connectivity, multi-tasking, multi-touch, and various other functions. Android applications are built on Android Studio or Android Software Development Kit. These apps are then available on different sites or stores such as the google play store or in form of apk files on the internet. The lead user of the operating system is Samsung which is centred around the entire Android market.

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Advantages of Android over iOS

1. Cost Advantage

iOS devices and their accessories are way too expensive for this economy, and it does cost a dime to be able to afford all of apple’s products. Very frankly there are reasons why Apple products are so expensive and there are numerous amounts of data to back it up, however, it still doesn’t necessarily support the evident reasons for Android providing the same amount of features for a lesser price. Not to mention the number of features is vast for Android and comes nowhere close to what Apple has to offer.

2. USB- Type C charging port

The most common thing for any mobile device is charging and that requires a charger. Not only are lightning port chargers insanely expensive, but they also are not as common especially in Asian countries as android devices are preferred over iOS devices as expensive in general. The point Apple made to eliminate the amount of waste by producing the charger separately and not included in the box is frankly baseless, as it doesn’t necessarily do anything better for the environment other than costing profit to Apple

3. Customizations, widgets and skins

Android provides this huge range of customizations with so many widgets that are easy to access whereas Apple, does provide a very limited option and is also stuck to a very few number of customizations lately. Hence, because of such customizable features, people generally can have their taste and design included in something that they use ever so often and hence, is very much preferred.

4. Headphone jacks

Although even Androids are moving away from the traditional headphone jacks, there are still a vast amount of devices that still support them. Headphone jacks support hearing anything privately while also having the access to charge your phone as they have two different ports for the purpose. Hence, it has been widely used. Although it won’t be a huge issue as wireless earphones and headphones are used a lot but still android does have an advantage there.

5. Hardware Options

Well, it is no doubt that parts for android phones are way more accessible and easy to get as Apple creates their hardware to be completely optimized with their software to provide their level of experience, hence, phone repairs or recycling is far easier than iOS.


These are the various reasons why Android is preferred more than iOS. Although both operating systems have their advantages and disadvantages, it is great as both can shine in their place and let consumers decide their needs. I hope this article helped.