Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing Technologies Companies

If you’re interested in AI and cognitive computing technologies, you might be wondering who is working on them. Here are a few companies that are developing these technologies and how they are helping businesses. Some of them include IBM Watson, Alteryx, SparkCognition, and Cogito. These companies are developing artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies that are advancing the way we work and live.

IBM Watson

IBM Watson is an artificial intelligence technology that has analytical and cognitive capabilities. It is able to process massive amounts of data and return answers to human questions. It uses machine learning to increase its knowledge. It has been used in many fields, including medicine. For example, doctors and nurses can use Watson to provide probable diagnosis and treatment plans to their patients.

Cognitive computing is a process in which computer systems use machine learning to solve problems. These systems can be self-learning, allowing them to mimic the human thought process. They are also able to see patterns and find reason. This technology has the potential to revolutionize many industries.


Alteryx is a cognitive computing technologies firm that uses artificial intelligence to improve productivity for businesses. Its customers span across industries, from manufacturing to air travel. With a market share of 39%, it has a large market, but it faces increased competition from larger players. In addition, it is facing increased competition from other companies that are focusing on niche markets. This means it must spend more money per customer to stay competitive, which will have an impact on the company’s operating performance.

The company’s products are great for people who need quick access to data. They are designed to help users obtain answers more quickly and with greater repeatability. Many organizations waste hundreds or thousands of hours each year answering questions from various departments. Alteryx’s platform enables users to easily pull data from various databases without having to learn programming languages. Its products are also used by companies in the Big Data and analytics space.


SparkCognition is an artificial intelligence and cognitive computing technology company that provides safety, security and reliability to critical infrastructure. It has been named to the CNBC Disruptor 50 in 2017 and has established itself as one of the best companies in AI and cognitive computing. It has also been selected to be a member of the Red Herring Top 100 Global list.

The company was founded in 2013 and is based in Austin, Texas. It raised $6 million in series A funding in April 2016, and it plans to use it to improve its machine learning technology. In June 2017, SparkCognition raised $32.5 million in a series B round of funding. The funds will help the company further develop its technology and expand its business operations.

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Cogito is a cognitive computing technologies firm that helps users make better decisions by reading complex data and providing answers. The Cogito platform uses artificial intelligence algorithms to extract actionable insights from large data sets. The company’s software is used by customers in many sectors. The software is available in 14 languages. The company started in Italy and is listed on the AIM Italia stock exchange. Since then, it has expanded to the US, Germany, France, and Spain.

The company’s technology is based on artificial intelligence algorithms that simulate the human ability to understand language. The company has built a rich semantic network called Sensigrafo, which consists of millions of concept definitions. Using this database, Cogito is able to understand what a person is saying and how to respond.