Best Secure Email Providers in 2022

Email Providers: Emails are widely used all around the globe for various purposes. For some it may mean just being in touch, it might be work-related and for some, it might be advertisements or various notifications. Either way, almost everyone who accesses the Internet in the modern generation is bound to have an email id. We have various forms of email services that provide us with their services with various features but, what are the best secure email providers that are around and should be used? Today we’ll be discussing all that as we rank the best secure email providers in the year 2022.

What are secure email providers?

Secure email providers function in such a way that it keeps your email account and the contents that you share through emails secure and discreet. Usually, this is carried out through end-to-end encryptions which means that the data that has been shared is secured and encrypted within all stages it takes for it to go from the sender to the receiver.

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5. CounterMail

CounterMail Logo
CounterMail Logo

CounterMail is a secure email provider with its roots in Sweden. CounterMail’s vision is to provide a webmail service that is both easy to use and very secure. Following are some of the features of CounterMail.

  • Support for various operating systems.
  • Anonymous email header services.
  • Support for Custom Domains.
  • Cryptocurrencies being accepted.
  • Free of disk web servers.
  • Dynamic aliases.
  • OpenPGP methods.

The list can go on and on with its mindful features, it’s ranked as the 5th best in today’s contest.

4. Malifence


Malifence was founded in 1999 and offered various security features for the encryption and security of your emails. Their services are versatile which can be regarded that it can be used at personal as well as organizational levels. Following are the features provided by Malifence.

  • Archiving and retention tools for security purposes.
  • The ability and tools to be highly collaborative.
  • No third party tracking any emails.
  • Digital Sign on the email to ensure that it’s sent by the original person.
  • Classification for documents as well as integrating necessities such as Calendars, Contacts, and messages.

With this, we conclude Malifence and hand over the 4th position.

3. Tutanota


A trusted and huge name in the secure email provider industry with its end-to-end encryption and 2 Factor authentication and the compatibility to be able to run on any device possible. Following its various features of it.

  • End-to-end protection.
  • No ads.
  • Open-source email services.
  • No advertisements whatsoever.

And hence, with the features displayed here, Tutanota deserves to be on the 3rd rank on the list. As the next two ones are quite possibly incomparable.

2. Titan


Titan has various features that make it incomparable to every other email service provider. The security provides ensures all sorts of safety in terms of email protection and the anti-spam feature dramatically reduced the amount of junk that inboxes generally have. The features are as follows.

  • Email Templates for hassle-free resending of the same email to different recipients.
  • Scheduled sends can send emails at a specific time on their own.
  • Follow-up nudges for important emails to be attended to and replied to.

With such features that are so unique, it does deserve to be the second best.

1. Protonmail

protonmail review 1
protonmail review 1

Protonmail comes at top of the list because not does it provide you with many features and privacy but also is free to use. The Sweden-based email provider continues to constantly grow and perform at the top of the game undoubtedly. Mobile applications for both operating systems including web applications are great possibilities to acquire and use from any open space and are very user-friendly. The features it provides are some of the most distinctive, and unique features which make it so special. The various features that are provided by protonmail have been listed below.

  • Encryption is so intense that even protonmail cannot access them.
  • Ability to acquire custom domain names with paid plans.
  • Integration with Calendars and Contacts on your device allows it to set reminders regarding events.

With that amount of security and features, It was very obvious that ProtonMail had to be acquiring the spot of the best secure email provider top spot.


With the growing generation and mishaps that constantly occur on the internet, it is very important to maintain security and privacy in every single aspect possible. Hence, having such a secure email service provider is very much necessary. Hopefully, this article helped you understand and rank the best email provider.