Evolution of an ever-evolving Industry: Video Games

Evolution of Video Games: The gaming industry is worth billions of dollars today and is one of the most evolved yet constantly evolving industries that are progressing right now. We play multiple video games daily for entertainment purposes and even watch streamers or other content creators play games and have their opinions. But, have we ever wondered how the concept of gaming especially video gaming came into existence? How did one even think of such an amusing invention? Let’s learn about the history as well as how the video gaming experience has been constantly evolving and what are the various new gaming setups.

History of Video Gaming

The very first gaming machine came into existence in the year 1940 and was createDry Dr. Edward Euhler Condon. The game was based on an ancient mathematical game which was known as Nim. The game was played by around 50,000 users till the time it was taken down 6 months later. It was on the concept of computer vs human and according to the reports around 90% of the total games that were played on the system were won by the machine.

The first design for gaming in the comfort of your own home did not come into existence for another 27 years. In 1967, Ralph Baer and his team came out with the gaming system called “Brown Box”. It consisted of a vacuum-tube circuit that was attachable to a television and had two controllers in the form of cubes. It was programmed to be able to run a variety of games such as pin pong, checkers, and many more. With a little aid from some advanced technology, a lightgun was provided with the system to be able to play shooting games.

After the Brown Box, US restaurants started having Arcade games that we know today as multiplayer games. Just the fact that the multiplayer games that we know today can be played from different systems whereas these games were only playable on a single screen and were a great source of entertainment and were hence a huge boom.

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By the 1970s we had already started having the access to various gaming consoles and the only issue that was faced by them which made them hit the hard ground very soon was the fact that all of the consoles were based on the same design and had little to no variety and were soon way too boring for the mass.

The 1980s were the period when personal PCs were becoming a necessity in every household and hence personal gaming came into existence very soon during this era what is now considered nostalgia for every kid came into existence. The game was known as Super Mario and came into existence in the year 1985 PC gaming from then till now has been the biggest revolution in the gaming industry.

1994 was the birth year of the famous gaming console PlayStation which was released by Sony Computer Entertainment and has been constantly evolving so far with no signs of stopping. This era with the introduction of so many devices and systems came with the creation of a variety of games and hence was the most successful period for the gaming industry.

PC gaming has been a powerhouse for the gaming industry for now as well as whatever the future beholds. With so many upgrades available and constantly better components being introduced in the market, it is hard to compete with PC gaming that can run the most variety of games. Although consoles do provide a better experience, they are however limited to certain games as developing games for such consoles is tedious as it requires the entire operating system.

Future of Gaming

With the introduction to the Metaverse as well as augmented and virtual reality, the possibilities of gaming have been through the roof. With various sensors being attached to the body and being able to physically move as you are gaming has been an insane development in the field of technology as well as gaming. Several games have been available now that are playable as well as the setup for virtual gaming. Virtual reality has indeed opened the gates of heaven for developers as well as users to be able to have such an out-of-the-world experience.


With this, we conclude our article as we learned about the history of gaming to what the future beholds for us, as humans advance, technology advance and so does other fields that are co-dependent to it and through the gaming industry we indeed can understand just how much humans have advanced within the past 5 decades.