Are Gaming Laptops A Gimmick?

Gaming Laptops: A laptop is a basic computer that is portable and can be worked with from anywhere and anytime. Unlike a desktop computer, it is not bounded by any limitations such as wires or cables which makes them super comfortable to carry around (of course excluding the charger obviously). Normal laptops are portable versions of huge desktop computers, including the same specifications or a lower version of the desktop variants. Gaming laptops are relatively a newer concept that has been coming around lately and surely welcomed in the computer industries but, what makes the companies manufacture these gaming laptops? and why is it in high demand as well? is it better than normal laptops? Let’s find out the answers to these questions.

What are Gaming Laptops?

Gaming Laptops are quite similar to the laptops that are normally manufactured but instead have better performance and efficiency. Gaming laptops as the name suggests usually support gaming requirements and as most of the games do require a high-performing system, manufacturers configure and arrange the hardware in such a sequence that it can have the best and most optimised settings and can withstand the heavy requirements of gaming.

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The most prominent difference between a gaming and a normal laptop has to be the designated graphics card. Most laptops that are required for a normal day job work basis requirements do have a graphics card to support better quality resolution and clarity on the screen. Gaming laptops have designated graphics added to it which are not integrated into the motherboard and function separately to boost the resolution and frame rates that are required for gaming. Since it supports the heavy requirements of the game, usually gaming laptops also support a various number of tasks requiring graphic designing or app development which a normal laptop may not be equipped with components to handle such heavy tasks.

But are gaming laptops worth it?

Gaming Laptops
Gaming Laptops 2

Gaming laptops are worth whatever price you may be paying. Because of the specifications and high configurations it provides, normal daily tasks can be performed within fractions of seconds whereas heavy workloads can be handled with ease without damaging the hardware of your laptops. As these heavy tasks may induce a heavy load on the hardware of your device making them overwork their capacity, it can also produce a huge amount of heat and cause the exhaust fans tremendous work to cool down your PC. This can cause serious damage to your PC which can in turn reduce its efficiency and can require you to change your PC earlier than you are supposed to.

What may be the various benefits of gaming laptops?

As we have observed how useful gaming laptops are, let’s list out some of the various uses that they can be used for to highlight how useful it actually is.

  • Cost-effective: If we try to purchase the singular components of these laptops, the budget range required and the effort to build and maintain that PC would be through the roofs. Gaming laptops provide better-optimised settings and are perfectly harmonized with their various hardware to output the best performance that can be accessed.
  • Portable: Carrying around a desktop computer with the same specifications as a gaming laptop can be quite a hassle and hectic. With a gaming laptop, you can have the best of both worlds: great mobility and high performance so that you can work from anywhere you want without any restrictions whatsoever.
  • Functionality: Gaming laptops are supported by the same OS that powers our normal laptops and computers and hence can be used for numerous tasks. Covering basic entertainment, gaming and normal data storage and processing works, it can also work for various coding, programming and design works. It can also be used for video editing purposes, music production and animations which do require high-end graphics to support such purposes.


As we have listed the various uses and functionalities and have gone through the various aspects that gaming laptops cover, it is indeed with no doubt considered that gaming laptops are better than normal laptops. However, if you require laptops with light gaming needs just for entertainment purposes and normal daily tasks and not heavy-loaded tasks, a normal laptop would be very much fine with it. It does depend on the personal requirements upon which PC can be used. Other factors such as compatibility and systems regarding work-related software and programmes and well to be honest budget do play a key role in deciding upon which one would be preferable. It is important to research the system you are planning on purchasing.