How to Upload 4K Videos From PC to YouTube

If you’ve been wondering how to upload 4k videos from pc to youtube, you’re not alone. There are several tools available for this task. You’ll need an appropriate codec and a video converter to make it happen. You can use VideoProc Converter to do this. It can also handle various video formats, including HEVC and x264.

VideoProc Converter

If you’re looking for a program that can help you upload 4K videos to YouTube, VideoProc Converter is the right choice. It offers a wealth of features and supports over 370 different input and output codecs. It can also edit and upscale 4K videos and has a wide variety of preset conversion profiles. VideoProc also has a range of other useful features, such as a fast autocopy feature.

It supports over 1000 video hosting platforms and top music sharing sites, including YouTube. Moreover, it supports all the popular social networks, so users can easily sign in and subscribe to their favorite channels. This feature is especially handy for regular YouTube users.

HEVC codec

If you’d like to upload 4K videos to YouTube, you’ll need a PC that supports the HEVC codec. HEVC is a much better video compression format than H264, which means you can save up to 50% on bandwidth usage while uploading your videos. However, HEVC is more demanding on the system, requiring higher hardware and software configurations. It also requires the latest operating system.

The best video player for HEVC files is VLC. This software supports a wide range of platforms, including Windows and Mac. If you’re worried that your HEVC video files won’t work properly, you can try Recoverit Video Recovery, a free tool that recovers permanently deleted videos. It can even recover deleted HEVC videos from a formatted SD card.

x264 codec

If you’re uploading 4K videos from your PC to YouTube, you’ll need to choose the best codec to encode your video. There are several options available, but H.264 is highly recommended as it is fast and renders videos well. It also supports widescreen displays and comes with a 21:9 aspect ratio.

If you’re uploading a 4K video, you’ll need a 30Mbps or higher connection. If you’re uploading a 1080p video, you can use a 20Mbps Web Hosting option. You’ll need a higher upload speed to upload a 4K video, so a 50Mbps option is a better choice.

HEVC audio codec

If you’re uploading 4k videos from your PC to YouTube, you may be wondering whether you should use the HEVC audio codec. While the video ecosystem may not be ready for this new standard yet, there are several reasons to make the switch.

HEVC video files use a higher quality compression method, which is more efficient than other formats. Depending on your computer’s operating system, some codecs may not work. Luckily, there are a few ways to convert your videos to HEVC. You can download a free HEVC video converter like Wondershare UniConverter, which converts video files to YouTube and other formats at breakneck speed. The program also burns DVDs and can be used on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

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x264 encoding in Final Cut Pro X

The most common way to upload videos to YouTube is with x264 encoding. However, if you want to export 4K videos to YouTube in the highest quality possible, you need to change a few settings in Final Cut Pro. First of all, you should change the Bitrate Settings. This option changes the bitrate of the exported video.

Next, you should use the correct encoding mode. YouTube prefers MP4 files. Make sure your video is encoded with the H.264 codec, and your audio should be encoded using AAC in stereo. You should also consider the resolution of your video. Ideally, you should use a resolution of at least 3840 x 2160 pixels. Otherwise, YouTube will scale it down to 426 x 240 pixels. However, the quality of your video will be affected.