How Instagram degraded Facebook (Instagram vs Facebook)

Instagram vs Facebook: Instagram has been a social media site used to share photos and videos since the year 2010 and was a quickly growing sensational social media site that has been connecting people all around the world from their mobile phones as well as their desktops. Although Instagram has been founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger it was later on taken on by Facebook Inc. which is now known as Meta Inc. for a whopping price of $1 Billion to acquire all services that had been provided by Instagram. But has Instagram come into the industry and degraded its own partnered nemesis Facebook? Why is Facebook not been around as much as Instagram is nowadays? Is it the end of Facebook? Let’s learn about the various factors on how Instagram is better than Facebook to understand why it is doing better than Facebook in the current battle of social media sites.

The newer generation has deserted Facebook for several reasons and to be honest, the prominent one should not be shocking you and that is because everyone is present there. The reason is that alongside content banality, privacy reasons, and unnecessary information overload, people have opted out of Facebook and are now rather using Instagram. Let’s see the factors why Instagram is better than Facebook.

The various reasons Why Instagram is better than Facebook

1. Mobile Compatibility

Instagram has been an application for cellular devices since that start and has more experience than Facebook which originally started as a social media site primarily for web users. And since most of the media has been consumed and created through cellular devices, Instagram has been taking the lead.

2. Youth Preference

The youth of today’s generation prefer Instagram over Facebook as it is used by many people, most of them being elderly people, the content that has been shared on the application or website is most false news and content that isn’t very much up to the taste of the youths. Hence, youths rather prefer Instagram over Facebook. At the end of the day, social media is majorly used for media consumption.

3. Business Moves

It is way easier to deal with business queries instead of Instagram as you can track way more information and insights about various advertisements and even content creation. Not to mention, the algorithm for tracking targeted users and its functioning to reach the intended audience is great if you want to boost start any type of business. As it does help people being able to connect, and by connecting, people in turn get to know about the opportunities as well as the owners get a chance to boost their business services.

4. Additional Downloads

Now, we all know that Facebook requires us to download an additional messaging app called “Messenger” to be able to send people DMs and video call their near and dear ones. Meanwhile, Instagram doesn’t require any additional application to call, message or video call anyone. Based on this convenience provided by Instagram to the users, people don’t necessarily would like to install it and would have to switch between various applications for texting and content-feeding.

5. Collaboration with various developers

Instagram has been open to various developers to showcase their creativity by working on or making filters, providing audio for reels, or even creating reels on their own. Instagram has been very open and welcoming to various developers and performs artworks and helps them grow with the most self-authenticity.

6. Instagram Reels

As we have discussed the various factors regarding reels in the previous article, we have noticed how prominent Reels are and how it has helped people grow through various means by either showcasing their natural talents or sharing insightful knowledge, and Facebook doesn’t provide any such feature.

7. E-commerce through Instagram

Very recently, Instagram unveiled that it would be processing transactions very soon within the app itself, as of already Instagram was a great place for users being able to buy stuff and for manufacturers were able to advertise their various goods and services, it would be very soon possible for users to be able to buy stuff directly off of the app.

Conclusion – Instagram vs Facebook

As we discussed above the various factors that may be the cause of why Instagram has been overtaking Facebook, Meta would not be affected drastically as Facebook wouldn’t go down just like that. People continue to use it and would be used for various purposes for the next many years. After all, Instagram is also owned by Meta. Hopefully, this article helped you understand all the information regarding this topic.