Is Windows Defender Good Enough For your PC?

Windows Defender: If you’ve ever used a desktop computer, laptop, or to be honest any sort of device, you know how malware and viruses work and can invade your device and wreak havoc in your system which is not a good thing to witness. If you’ve heard about such malware and viruses you may also know about the concept of Anti-virus software that can be installed on your computer to avoid any damage because of such software. Now there can be either your typical third-party software which is generally installed as people were convinced that the Windows defender is quite possibly useless, but over the years, Microsoft Windows Defender has genuinely proved itself to be one of the best anti-virus software. But is it just good enough for your PC? Will you require double anti-virus software on your PC? and various other questions might arise in your mind. Let’s study everything related to this article and understand the concept in a detailed way and try to tackle all sorts of questions that are related to it.

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What does anti-virus software do?

Anti-virus software does the basic need of detecting, isolating, and preventing malicious codes to enter the system and disrupt its functionality. Your computer can be affected in more ways than you can think of right now. It can be through either unsafe browsing or inserting USB drives with malicious viruses or malware on them. Hence, protecting your PC against such viruses and malware should be the utmost priority to not lose the functionality of the PC.

How is Microsoft Defender Better than Third-Party Software

Although in the beginning, when Microsoft Defender was known as Microsoft Security Essentials from the days of Windows 7, the performance and functionality were let’s say, not impressive and it was always advised to rather have a third-party system than the Microsoft Security Essentials. But over the years, Microsoft has worked on its antivirus software and now can even actually be considered as one of the best antivirus software out there. Let’s look at the various reasons why Microsoft defender might be better than most third-party software that is out there.

Although Microsoft does defend your PC against most viruses and malicious codes, it can be teamed up with Malwarebytes for an extra sense of security from malware attacks. Criminals have advanced from using regular viruses to now attacking ransomware and zero-day attacks. Further, these attacks are now so advanced that traditional anti-virus software cannot deal with them.

Ability to encounter instantaneously

The base goal of any anti-virus software is to detect the threats as soon as one is encountered or introduced to your PC. Microsoft defender does an amazing job of detecting threats in real-time. It can detect any external device or even drive-by downloads quickly to search for any malicious blocks of code and notify you about the threat and protect your PC from it.

On-Demand Scans

You can scan any part of your PC or your entire PC on command and can eliminate any sort of threat or malicious wares at any given time or anywhere you want.


Although it may not be as good as some other software out there, it does provide the adequate amount of protection that is required for maintaining your PC’s functionality and not letting viruses enter from any network-based connections.

Ransomware Protection

It provides backup from both the options available one of course the version-controlled one through OneDrive and others through folder access controls so any sort of threat, virus or malware doesn’t mess with your private information or necessary documents.

Two Anti-Virus Software in a single PC?

Although logically it might seem like, “Two anti-virus software may provide double protection, Right?”. Wrong! it can do more harm than good to your PC as both the anti-virus software will try to install and intercept their protection on the same kernel making the system either slow or might just completely crash the entire system.

Conclusion – Windows Defender

As we have discussed the various aspects and understandings of anti-virus software, we can conclude that with Microsoft Defender’s optimum protection, you would not require any additional software on top of it other than Malwarebytes and protect your PC from any suspicious matters or viruses to the best provided and the most optimised protection as it comes through Microsoft itself. I hope this article helped and provided you with all the information that is due and was able to answer most of the questions that you’ve had.