Differences between Library and Framework

Library and Framework: As a coder, you require great problem-solving skills, and often time it is very difficult to be able to program an entire code in one sitting where there are various blueprints available on the internet. It indeed is concise and efficient to be able to refer to a code for the same function. How unique can a code be after a certain while, hence we have Libraries and Framework? Often people tend to confuse the two terms and mess up the terminology, but today we will stating out the differences between the two for you to be able to rule out and understand how each of them works.

What is a Library?

To understand the concept of a Library, the perfect example would be to go to a decor and interior design shop and select the designs, you would have your house set up but would require a design right? Similarly, you would be able to access a bunch of helper functions, objects, and modules to perform a specific task and would be able to help you with a reference. This is to be efficient and useful while not wasting time to create a code and type it out entirely when a code has already been typed out by another developer for the very same function and you would not need to waste your time.

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What is a Framework?

A metaphor that can be used for Framework can be like when you are building a home according to your preferences and style. You would be provided with various designs and blueprints but ultimately it does give you the reference and idea about how you would want your own home to be rather than in a Library where you would reuse someone’s code. A framework provides all the necessary tools and equipment for you to create an application of your own, with your aesthetics and preferences.

Key Differences

Now although both are pieces of code written by someone else for you to access and make your work easier there are however some minute differences that can be pointed out.

A library is a set of functions, objects, and modules to perform a task whereas a framework can be considered as a backbone to the program, in the reference to the human anatomy it can be considered as the support to the entire code whereas personal code is the nervous system that controls all the actions and performs the task and the backbone just provides support as well as link up different pieces of code together. A framework provides the developer with an idea of what they might need whereas a Library doesn’t as it just performs certain tasks.


Hence, we have now studied the two and can now rule out the differences between the two terms as well as understand what different functions they provide with. Hope this article helped you with understanding this concept and where the two can be used efficiently. Happy Coding.