Social Media Giant: Reddit vs Discord

Reddit vs Discord: So there have been various community social media sites all along the internet. From having community chats and posting diverse content to speaking to your friends or community members as you might be performing any activity. Although Discord may be drastically different compared to Reddit, both have pros and cons and are used for various purposes. Discord does have some unique features that are game changers and can prove an advantage but without further ado, let’s try to reach the aspects and features that the site has to provide to rule out the better one among the two.


Reddit is an American-based social media site that was founded in the year 2005 by Steve Huffman, Aaron Swartz, and Alexis Ohanian. Users can submit content and the site based on its unique feature of upvoting and downvoting filters content among the users and provides the content that the user wants to see. Users can create community boards, as the website generally calls “subreddits”. Reddit has been primarily used for sharing memes, generating content and also to interact with other users, and having an interactive community under a subreddit. “r/” is the general syntax that comes by default to any subreddit name. Reddit Public Access Network had been a revolution for Reddit with its streaming services, which were generally limited to 3 hours but could have been extended if helped by other users to be provided with specific awards. Sadly, the service was discontinued on November 15, 2022. Reddit also has its blockchain-supported currency which is in the form of collectable Avatars under the subreddit r/CollectibleAvatars.

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Discord has been a prime social media site for gamers for a very long time. It was released quite recently in comparison to Reddit in the year 2015. Discord works on the concept of Direct Messaging facilities as well as servers that act as a group and are multi-functional. A server can have multiple texting as well as voice channels, broadcasting facilities, and the prime feature of being able to add customized bots to the server for various purposes. Discord has been a revolution to the gaming community as well as many streamers as it provides them access to being able to connect without sharing personal means. Discord has its paid subscription called the “Nitro” which packs a bunch of fun and creative features and various admin controls as well as privileges.

So which one is better?

As to having a huge community with an open source ability to be able to connect and interact without having to be attached to any sort of specific group, Reddit has proved itself to be a great community social media site. Discord on the other hand packs a whole lot more features in comparison to Reddit, from being able to chat vocally with someone and play games meanwhile while having different servers for different means and providing more privacy with various controls, It is quite obvious that Discord wins the battle of this war. Hope this helped in ruling out any uncertainties.