10 Reasons to Switch to PC gaming 2023

Switch to PC gaming: Gaming has been a huge part of many lives, from playing games on TVs with various consoles to now having advanced setups to play multiple games. The gaming industry has also taken off in recent years. As of 2022, the gaming industry is expected to reach a worth of around $150.52 Billion by the end of this year. Source of income generated through various streaming platforms or Esports tournaments or just for general entertainment purposes, gaming has integrated itself to a different level, especially after the pandemic. Now there are different consoles from various companies but why is PC gaming given the most importance and found itself at the primary spot whenever there’s a mention of video games? We’ll just be discussing that today with this article on 10 reasons why you should be shifting to PC gaming.

1. PCs are high-powered

COnsoles can be just considered various components of a PC usually compromised on certain elements and formed into a console, whereas a PC is far more powerful, durable and lasting than a gaming console. There are some absolute reckoning PCs out there that can handle any game that is compatible with the operating system without even being fazed one bit.

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2. Better Graphics

PCs are absolute beasts and can have one of the most powerful GPUs which can provide a graphics resolution of around 8k without any hassle whatsoever. Such high-end graphics cards provide peak performance and can easily provide more than enough FPS (frames per second) and provide a smooth and non-choppy gaming experience.

3. Assembly and Upgradability

While building a PC, you can get components and build the PC that meets your requirements of playing the games that you wish to play and your system will already be having more than adequate hardware components to support the game that you would be wanting to play as you were the one who handpicked each component. Not to mention, as the assembly process, it is also easier to upgrade your PC unlike consoles, where you would just have to upgrade the newer and better console which can in turn cost a lot too.

4. Easier to Repair and Replace

It is way easier to repair a PC component instead of those consoles. You can identify the issue swiftly and can work towards fixing it whereas it is not generally recommended to just open up your console and fix it as one wrong step can cost you the whole console. If there are issues with the components in a PC you can either separately get it repaired or replaced as each component is differently attached to the motherboard.

5. Versatility

PCs can be used to do more than just gaming as well, especially as gaming PC generally have end specifications, which allows the user to quite possibly have any sort of task to be performed smoothly. Whether it be graphic designing, gaming, or managing your streaming or content creation. Whereas consoles have just one mere job and that is for gaming.

6. Vast Variety of Options

PC provides way more options than gaming consoles, in fact, the game that is on those consoles generally do have a version for windows as well whereas, the games that might be on PC may not generally be available on the console, hence, you have a vast variety of options that you can choose from.

7. Control

Most controllers don’t necessarily provide the best grip and controlling adjustment for a new gamer whereas a mouse and keyboard are pretty easy to use, as well as have way more control that any sort of controller.

8. Cost Effective

Games that are generally on PC cost way less than the games that are on consoles. Some companies also offer you a free purchase game when you buy a new pre-designed PC which can be very helpful.

9. Offline Gaming

Games that are on consoles don’t generally have the option to be played offline whereas PC games a lot of them can be played without an internet connection.

10. Backwards Compatibility

When the Xbox One was announced to have backward compatibility, the gaming world for consoles had a revolutionary moment, meanwhile, PC gamers just looked at them in awe and confusion as such a problem never occurred or faced by a PC game as Windows although advances and the PC may get upgraded too, still, it doesn’t lose the compatibility to the old games, instead, it works better as the system has been upgraded.

Conclusion – Switch to PC gaming

With that, we conclude with the various reasons why you should be taking the switch from playing on consoles to moving to the better and more advanced generation of PC gaming. Hope this article helped you rule out the various factors.