What is the Internet Of Things (IoT)?

Internet Of Things: In the modern generation, we are all connected somehow, be it through the internet, our cellular devices, or just being with each other. Another way that we, or well the devices that we currently use are connected is through this chain or web of networks called the Internet of Things. As the name suggests it is kind of taken as a metaphor for how the internet keeps us connected, this web of networks connects how through various means or parameters different devices are connected. These devices expand from regular household objects that we use every day to huge industrial tools. IoT connects things through the means of software, sensors, servers, and other technologies and the main purpose that they serve is the collection and exchange of data through simpler and convenient means and mobility.

As of 2022 an estimate of around 13.1 billion devices are connected to the IoT and since it’s a rapidly evolving industry the numbers are set to sky-rocket very soon and would be easily crossing 50 billion.

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So why is the Internet of Things so important?

Over the past few years, the Internet of Things has made a possibility to connect every device ranging from house lights to kitchen appliances, from cars to baby monitors, it has made appliances or devices very accessible and can help connect these devices with one common network and makes it very convenient.

In simpler words, IoT helps the physical world connect to the ease and conveniences of the digital world. By various technology methods such as cloud computing and big data analytics, physical things share data with the least amount of human interaction involved.

The importance it provides is how easy it is to connect things and share data without the inconvenience and how easy it is to monitor stuff without being present. AI most definitely plays a huge role here and makes the process very smooth.

How has IoT been made possible?

Although the concept of IoT had been around for a very long time, it has recently gained the pace it required to reach the skies. The technological advancements that humans have achieved in recent years, it has given a pair of wings to IoT.

So what are the advances that we have been talking about?

  • Accessibility to cheap but reliable sensors: With the mass production of sensors required for mobile phones and other devices, sensors that are powerful enough have also been sold separately, and gaining access to it is much more simple and more reliable. Hence, provides a chance to build such devices.
  • Cloud Computing: With cloud computing, it is indeed a blessing to humanity for storing and managing data in a quick and easy way, this form of infrastructure provided helps both the consumers as well as manufacturers or retailers
  • Artificial Intelligence: Advances in the form of conversational Artificial intelligence provide the access to deal with the smart network required for IoT
  • Connectivity: With the advancements in connectivity and data providing high speed and accessibility almost anywhere, this plays a huge role in connecting the overall devices in the household as well as for larger industries.

These are some of the many parameters that have given a headstart to the ever-evolving industry of IoT.

How is IoT changing the World?

With the concept of IoT, there are so many possibilities that are coming up ahead of us, with so many changes being implemented as you may be currently reading this article. It helps monitor different things remotely and have access to such devices without you being able to be physically present in the setting. Although small steps are taken every day in matters of convenience, think about it you can now switch on lights and appliances with just your voice. Let’s just take a look at Smart cars, with your voice you can now switch on the car and perform various tasks with just your voice.


We as humans have generally made a lot of progress in the fields of technology and this has to be one of the most futuristic eras we have been experiencing that we had anticipated. With such advancements will come greater functionalities such as maintaining stuff would be very simple and secure and other categories are to be filled in as more advancements come in.