Why is Typing Speed Important?

Typing Speed: Everything has been centred around computers and typing some or other thing for various purposes, be it managing records, storing files, or documenting something to texting your family and friends through your cell phone, typing has been a vital integral in today’s world and is something everyone must know at least the basics. The most widespread keyboard type has been the QWERTY format and most of the keyboards and touchpads have been equipped with that. But as we know typing has not been a relatively new concept it has been relevant for more than a century now with the invention of the typewriter in 1873. In this article, we’ll be discussing why typing speed is essential and how you can improve it.

The fastest person who was able to type 216 words per minute using an IBM electric typewriter and her name was Stella Pajunas. The average typing speed on a QWERTY keyboard is 44 words per minute and can include the fastest of types as well as some newbies who have just started typing. Professional writers generally have a speed of about 50-80 wpm (words per minute) and can extend that up to 120 words per minute on a good day. Not only typing speed is necessary but also accuracy is crucial and most typing jobs generally require you to have around 97% accuracy for you to able to be qualified for the job.

Importance of Typing

Typing has been an important element of our life to be very efficient with our work and to help us communicate with people with a better means. It can also cause physical and mental fatigue for you to sit in front of a computer for long hours just to stare at a screen and work on the same stuff for a long time and is a great time waste.

Faster typing generally is directly proportional to being productive and efficient and hence, employers are generally keen to know about your typing speed if our field surrounds the IT sector.

A good programmer must know how to type with a good speed to speed up the process of creating the program, software, application, or anything that they are working on and provide the best time management possible. It is however also very important to be able to write precisely and concisely while working to not just blabber words all around the work you’ve been working on and create a mess. With fast typing speed, programmers can create programs quicker and get the job done swiftly. Hence, good typing speed can increase your productivity as well as save much of your time by getting the job done quickly.

Typing skills can be improved by several factors such as a good posture, or good hand placement so that all the keys are accessible to you within the nearest stretch and can make you type faster. And as always practice makes perfect, you can try practising by creating a virtual journal or diary in your Word application and hence, make your brain spit out words and you can just keep on typing.


Hopefully, this helped you understand the importance and how typing speed can be improved, it is crucial and also is a great asset when your work surrounds electric devices. Keep practising and you may easily cross 70 wpm on an average basis.